Welcome to Jasu Wonder World. We create and sell products that are inspired by Jasu's original artwork.

We believe that art is a language that is being understood all around the world without the need of any word spoken word. We enjoy making art and we fully enjoy the unique process of creation of every piece. We hope to share the love and the joy that we are getting we the world. 

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Jasu Wonder World is a company  that is dedicated on promoting  Jasu's wonderfull artwork. We share with the world Jasu's creativity and an amazing collection of products inspired by Jasu's original art. Of course you can have a chance to make one of the Jasu's original yours.


We create art. mainly watercolor paintings. Wecreate illustrated books for kids as for adult. and order products like coloring books, t-shirts, magnets, keychains, cards,calendars. We sell our products online throught our online store and in events.


We sell products inspired by Jasu's original art. We We take commission for those who will like Jasu to bring their dreams piece of art into reality. We take in event around the country ( Finland for now and soon Sweden and Norway) to share,promote and sell Jasu's art and creation.

Our works

Let Everyone Know Why it is worthy to fill up the empty space with Jasu's art. It is just one the best you have ever seen.

We stand behind our designs and culture. We love what we do, and we do what we love. We understand the importance of  the right direction.


What Our Customers Say about Utouch app

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we really enjoy our work and every second of the creation process. We work closer with our client to make sure that we deliver your dream piece or art.

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