One of the regularly appearing themes in my paintings: Opposites together forming a balance. I have a great fascination for the bond that the nature has made between a male and a female. I wanted this particular painting to represent the contentment in knowing that the female and male energy is in all of us and we don’t need anybody to bring us balance, for we can achieve it all on our own.

reflection Copy


16 March 2018


Watercolor Painting

About Jasu

I, Jasmine “Jasu” Hintsala am a self-taught artist living in Finland. My artist career became official in 2016 when I founded my own company, Jasu Wonder World, to make a living doing what I love. The creation of art has been a permanent part of my life from the time I was old enough to hold a pen in my hand. From a child’s messy scribbles my creations have transformed into true masterpieces but it’s not only the art that has gone through a transformation. In my book, “From Misperception to Clarity”, I reveal how I transitioned from a deep depression to self-awareness: how after years of self-doubt and hatred I came to the decision to chase my dreams with all I have.

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